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Pieces of My Puzzle
Tokyo, Japan

November 27 - December 5, 2021

Pieces of My Puzzle was a solo exhibition with Gallery Takanawa AO. The exhibition explored the comprehensive journey of my life's work and the themes that emerged as a reflection of my experiences in my artistic practice. 


the nature of things

Tokyo, Japan

September 24 - October 10, 2021

The nature of things was a group exhibition with Tokyo Art Studio that demonstrated the artistic interpretation of what nature is displayed in their own contexts. Through the intrinsic play of natural elements, material movement and bodies in motion each artist expressed their joys of sight through the process.



Sydney, Australia

August 2004

EDGE 5 was a group exhibition of twenty-five artists whose work included abstract, portraiture, still life and symbols from their surroundings using complex fusions of materials and form.

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