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Shelley Sacks is a fine artist who uses recycled pieces from her own art, to create mixed media artworks on a variety of mediums. Originally from South Africa where she studied sculpture with world-renowned sculptor Barbara Jackson, Sacks then spent 14 years in Australia, studying drawing and painting,and participated in group exhibitions. She has been living in Japan for the past 18 years and her work focuses on mixed media collages that incorporate older works of hers, including photography. Her experiences of travel, life, and love, largely form her body of work that often mirrors her experiences. In the eyes of German artist, Joseph Beuys, one of many inspirations to Sacks, the belief that everyone is an artist in their own way, intrinsically mirrors who she is, and has been a belief of hers since embarking on her artistic journey. "Creativity is the essence of what it means to be a human being and everyone has the need and ability to be creative and create.”


Sacks has been an Early Childhood educator for over 45 years and founder of Ohana International School, where she instills creative values in her young students. With art as an integral part of her teaching processes, she works closely with staff and children to create meaningful artworks for personal and charitable purposes in Tokyo. Through the visual arts, literacy and musical arts, Sacks has remained true to her inner child, intent on creating beauty with others around. 


Sacks’ work has been featured in international exhibitions and found homes in Australia, Japan, South Africa, France and the United States. 

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